Podcasts I’m Loving

I’ve really been loving podcasts recently. Like with audio books, I used to have a hard time focusing on someone else’s voice, so I tended to stick with reading physical books or listening to music.

However, in my new job I often have chunks of time where I’m doing something with my hands that I don’t need to be as mentally focused on. So I turned to podcasts as a way to pass the time. Here are a few that I have been loving.

West Wing Weekly


I’m a huge West Wing fan (like, bordering on obsession.) This podcast is hosted by Joshua Malina – the actor who played Will Bailey in seasons 5-7 – and Hrishikesh Hirway – a West Wing superfan, Josh’s friend, and also host of the podcast Song Exploder. Each episode of the podcast dissects one episode of the West Wing, with guests ranging from Aaron Sorkin, writers, actors, producers, etc. wherever possible. Josh and Hrishi are hilarious, but they also care about the show so their insights are fascinating. I would highly recommend it if you’re a fan of the West Wing. For the ultimate experience, rewatch the show along with Josh and Hrishi.

Website. iTunes. Acast. Soundcloud.

Banging Book Club


This podcast is hosted by three of my favorite British Youtubers, Lucy Moon, Hannah Witton, and Leena Norms. Every episode they read and discuss a book related to gender, sexuality, and/or feminism. Some are fiction, some non-fiction. Regardless of the book, their commentaries are poignant and hilarious. Listen to this if you love books and feminism.

Website. iTunes. Acast. Soundcloud.

I’m not being funny but….

download (4)

In this podcast, Leena Normas (brilliant Youtuber mentioned above) tackles tough topics by asking the questions that most people are too embarrassed or afraid to ask. For example, what is it like to be suicidal? And, are activists assholes? Leena brings in experts to discuss each topic with, and answers the questions society tells us we shouldn’t ask, but we all want the answer to anyway.

iTunes. Acast.

Dear Hank & John


If you’re a fan of Youtuber/author John Green and his brother, Youtuber/soon-to-be-author Hank Green, then you’ll love this podcast. Every episode opens with John reading a “short” poem and then explaining poetry to Hank. Then they answer questions from viewers and give “dubious advice.” They close the episode with John sharing the latest news from AFC Wimbledon and Hank sharing the latest news from Mars. It’s basically a Vlogbrothers reunion video every week, but 40 minutes long instead of 4.

Website. iTunes. Acast. Soundcloud.

Delete This!


The aforementioned Hank Green, a chronically busy man, also does a podcast with his hilarious and incomparable wife, Katherine Green, and occasionally their cat, Cameo. In the podcast, they review Hank’s tweets from the last week, as well as his draft tweets (the tweets he wanted to tweet but thought better of.) Sometimes this leads to great conversations about the role of influencers/celebrities, sometimes to Katherine chastising Hank for tweeting at Donald Trump again, and sometimes to the creation of #piples.

Website. iTunes. Acast. Soundcloud.

I hope you enjoy these, and let me know if you have any other podcast recommendations!

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