New Year’s Resolutions

Yes, this is late. It is more than a week into February. But January was a crazy month, and to be honest I needed that time to figure out what I wanted from this year. Below are my New Year’s resolutions, related to work, writing, and my personal life.


  1. I want to publish a short story this year. I have only ever published nonfiction – which I’m proud of – but I want to break into fiction. I have a rough draft of a story I’m really proud of, so I just need to edit it and then I can start sending it out. And with some luck, a magazine will be willing to take a chance on it.
  2. I also want to publish two more creative nonfiction pieces. Last October my first piece was accepted for submission. It should be up in a month or so. I have a lot of ideas for other pieces, so I think it’s more realistic for this to be an area where I might be able to get two pieces published.
  3. I want to hit 50,000 words in my novel. For context, I’m at about 15,000 words right now, so it’s not exactly a small feat. But I have hope.

Professional Development

  1. Get a new job. Update: I did this. I recently accepted an offer. I have about two more weeks at my current job, and then I will be embarking on a very new work journey.
  2. Apply to grad school. In a perfect world, I would have gone straight from undergrad to grad school. Unfortunately, the capitalist hellscape we live in prohibited that. I recently found a Master’s program I’m in love with, and is more affordable than most, so I’m hoping to save up enough to apply for their January 2021 term.

Personal Life

  1. Go to Italy. I minored in Italian, and due to graduating early I stayed on campus while all my friends from the program studied abroad in Italy. Ever since I graduated, I’ve been scheming to go. I know I’ll achieve this goal, because a trip to Rome and Sienna is booked and paid for. This April, I will be spending a week in Italy, and I can’t wait.
  2. Run 100 miles. I’m out of shape, but I’ve been going to the gym a lot more, and running a few miles at a time. I can’t run very fast, or for very lung – I certainly don’t have any marathons in my future. But I think 100 miles is more than attainable and will keep me motivated to go to the gym a few times a week.
  3. Renegotiate my relationship with food. I have a complicated relationship with food, and past (and probably present) of disordered eating. I want to work hard this year on my own and in therapy to address this and make some progress.
  4. Read 200 books. This was my Goodreads goal last year, and I hit it with some time to spare, so I feel good about doing it again this year.
  5. Continue fostering my relationship with my boyfriend. He is an important part of my life, and being in a healthy relationship in general was a big part of my personal growth in 2019. I want to continue to prioritize that relationship in 2020.

What are you goals and resolutions for 2020? Do you like making New Year’s resolutions? Let me know!

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