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Writing Update: December 2019

The #NaNoWriMo crash was real guys. After thinking about writing (if not always actually writing) every day in November, and obsessively tracking my word counts, my brain checked out a bit in December. Between that and the holidays, not a lot of words were written.

However, the few words that were written were significant in the progress they made. I finished my short story – the first short story I’ve written since high school. And though it needs revision, I’m happy with the story and the language and the characters.

I also worked on outlining my novel during the Christmas break. I got my outline notes into each chapter file on Scrivener, and I finished writing one stubborn chapter.

This is a short post because my progress was somewhat underwhelming. However, I’m jumping into the New Year with direction in my novel, and a short story that, when edited, I’m excited to send out to magazines.

How was your December?

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